To find all the results of our activities carried out during the year 2021, you can read and download our annual report from this link : 2021 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE NGO SANTÉ DIABETE.

The year 2021 marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin, David Hacquin - President of santé Diabète

The year 2021 marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin.

A century later, access to diabetes treatments is far from being a reality for everyone. The concentration of production capacity in the hands of three large global pharmaceutical companies continues to create a monopoly situation, and has consequences on the supply and on the prices of insu- lin throughout the world. These high prices represent a major barrier to access to insulin, in particular in developing countries.

2021 has been a particularly rich year of commitments and advocacy for Santé Diabète. A well-conducted advocacy campaign that led to the adoption of an ambitious resolution for greater price transparency and for greater insulin production at the 74th World Health Assembly (WHA). Today even more than yesterday, Santé Diabète has demonstrated its ability to engage in an effective network dynamic to influence major issues around the right to health for all.

From an operational point of view, Santé Diabète entered in 2021 the cruising phase of the first phase of the 2020-2023 program agreement co-financed by the AFD, WDF, Helmsley Charitable Trust, LFAC, the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, the City of Grenoble etc., with an intensification of the imple- mentation of its activities. A second project funded by the Initiative/Expertise France started in June 2021 for 3 years. It focuses on the integration of prevention and joint mana- gement of Diabetes/Tuberculosis and Diabetes/HIV to stren- gthen health systems in Mali, Burkina Faso and in the Union of the Comoros. Through this program, Santé Diabète is positioning itself as a central player in supporting the prevention and management of diabetes in these three countries, as well as in France.

In 2021, among the main results and significant impact of Santé Diabète’s action, we can highlight, among others :

  • The long-term work carried out to strengthen health systems through the training of health professionals (doctors, paramedics), but also by supporting the improvement of strategic frameworks in the fight against diabetes in our countries of intervention ;
  • The continuation of our diabetes, hypertension and risk factors for diabetes screening actions, as well as therapeutic education days, in these same countries ;
  • In terms of access to treatments, the initiation of dialogue frameworks on access to antidiabetic drugs, particularly insulin, and their operationalization ;
  • The networking of the various actors of the project, as well as of teams, and the development of transversal south-south and south-north actions in order to share and capitalize experiences, productions and tools, but also to build innovative answers to the problems encountered (for example: development of a Humanity and Health chair in Bamako with the Paris philosophy chair at the hospital ; the establishment of a resource center, etc.)
  • The continuation of the work of Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity in France: continuity of work with schools; strengthening community prevention actions (Grenoble); organization of the French-speaking synergy conference in Grenoble.

The year 2021 has also been an opportunity to initiate internal improvement projects, in order to be able to respond to the gradual growth of our activity: work on our ethics charter, our new procedure manual, strengthening of human resources and of their management.

On the financial side, the indicators are satisfactory: regular and controlled growth of the budget, net balance positive for 2021 once again, equity in progress, continued diversification of our sources of financing (with the Helmsley Charitable Trust).

Our contexts of intervention are, for their part, crossed by political and social tensions, and shaken by recurrent economic shocks, which are increasingly uncertain and fragile. In the years to come, we will most likely face :

  • the persistence of mobility constraints in countries and between countries, due to the deterioration of the socio-political, security and health contexts in our countries of intervention ;
  • increased security risks.

We will therefore have to be particularly vigilant about these risks, in order, if they were to materialize, to be able to anticipate the decisions to be taken.

Despite these uncertainties, Santé Diabète remains committed to continuing its fight for a fairer world, and for better access to the prevention and management of diabetes throughout the world. Santé Diabète would not be this effi- cient, innovative, family-run and professional organization without the daily commitment of its employees, the involvement of its members, and the loyalty and support of its partner organizations. May they all be here thanked.