To find all the results of the activities carried out in 2022, you can read and download our annual report from this link : Santé Diabète’s 2022 Annual report.

Rapport annuel 2022 de l’ONG Santé Diabète

Santé Diabète’s 2022 Annual report


For nearly 20 years now, Santé Diabète has been working to fight against inequalities in access to information, care, treatment and therapeutic education services on diabetes in France and in Africa. The adventure began in 2001 in Mali and has since continued in Burkina Faso, the Comoros, France and internationally, mobilizing always more people, NGOs, patients and activist organizations, networks of health professionals and researchers, hospital partners, public authorities.

On a daily basis, we demonstrate that it is possible to move lines to allow people with diabetes to live better, or even simply to live, in extremely fragile health and economical contexts. In 2022, thanks to the support of our historical institutional and financial partners, the mobilization of an increasingly dense network of actors, and the unfailing commitment of our teams, Santé Diabète continued its patient work in building capacities as well as the skills of the organizations with which it works on a daily basis to welcome, inform, guide, educate, train, screen, treat, etc.

The year was rich in results, with the implementation of a number of actions linked to two major programs which bring together several projects financed by our various partners: a program to support the fight against diabetes in Burkina Faso, in Union Comoros and Mali and a support program for the prevention and management of diabetes/HIV and diabetes/TB comorbidities. Patient organisations, just like healthcare structures, professional organisations, and public authorities, our day-to-day partners, dialogue, construct and implement policies, strategies and systems which make it possible to improve both prevention and diabetes management in these three countries. Our strategy of strengthening civil society organizations in the South and North, as well as their alliances and networks, also strongly contributes to better taking into account the needs and interests of patients with diabetes and their families.

2022 is also a significant year in the steps taken for prevention thanks to the long-term work of Santé Diabète: it is the year which consecrates a major innovation in the field of prevention: it is the year of the expansion of the “prevention houses”, a pivotal place that makes it possible to structure and further expand the prevention strategy. While Mali's prevention center was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Health and Social Development, 2022 saw the replication of this progress in Burkina Faso and the Union of the Comoros: the opening of prevention centers in each of the countries is helping to lay the foundations for comprehensive and larger-scale work for a next three-year phase of funding, which remains essential to help reverse the extremely rapid evolution of the diabetes epidemic in Africa.

These encouraging results show the adaptability of Santé Diabète to act in increasingly uncertain contexts, particularly in Mali and Burkina Faso. Continuing our meticulous work of supporting and strengthening health organizations and systems required us in 2022, and will continue to require us in the years to come, to remain committed in a flexible and agile manner in the field, to affirm our strict neutrality to act in the service of people with diabetes, and to integrate emergency responses into our approaches.

In an increasingly fragmented global context, plagued by many conflicts, and where inequalities in access to care remain strong, showing solidarity and taking care of others is a militant and life-saving act; what we try to do modestly on a daily basis through our commitment and our actions.

I wish you a good reading of our annual report which, I hope, will make you want to follow and support us.