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NGO Santé Diabète

Discover the action of the head office of Santé Diabète in France which structures all the missions and which coordinates the advocacy operations on the national and international level.


Diabetes today affects 4 million French people, a figure multiplied by 6 in just 30 years. 90% have type 2 diabetes and almost 700,000 diabetics are not aware of their illness.

The causes of this increase are directly linked to the evolution of lifestyles in developed countries and to the combination of both social and environmental factors: overweight, obesity, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle.

Diabetes also affects the most socially vulnerable, with prevalence rates for example much higher in the most disadvantaged municipalities.


Human Development Index (HDI)
out of 189 countries
Diabetes prevalence
1 in
French overweight
Cost of diabetes
milliards €
each year, that is to say :
health spending
(9% of healthcare spending in Europe)

The role of the French headquarters

The head office of Santé Diabète in Grenoble ensures the overall coherence of our general strategy with the various field delegations in Africa, but also in France, where we have been carrying out various pilot actions since 2011.

The headquarters allows us to structure all of our missions, at the administrative, HR, technical and financial levels.

It also coordinates our advocacy, nationally and internationally, in order to influence public institutions and policies for better consideration of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the North as in the South.

Our action in France

In France, the association's interventions have raised the awareness of tens of thousands of people and revolve around the following three main axes:


The organization of conferences, exhibitions, debate screenings

Pilot awareness-raising among the population of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes on diabetes and the means of preventing it, but also on better knowledge of the problems of this disease in Africa, in particular through school activities which provide a cross-section of developments in our lifestyles in the North and in the South and their consequences on our health


Sharing the expertise developed in the South, in particular through the adaptation of therapeutic education and prevention tools for the French public (cartoon What is diabetes, Nutriquizz board game, one-day booklet with Ami & Bouba ...)


Participation in September 2018 of the Santé Diabète team in the Forum of associations of Grenoble which allowed to affirm our presence on the territory as a key player in health education and citizenship.


An example of our awareness-raising operations carried out in Grenoble schools.

Results obtained in 2017 - 2018

  • Organization, in Grenoble, of the 1st international French-speaking conference for the fight
    against diabetes in Africa.
  • Awareness raising of 850 students through school activities that bring a cross perspective on the changes in our lifestyles in North and South and their consequences on our health.
  • Development of new awareness-raising tools for the school public: the puzzle of Africa and the cards of the game "Discovering the African continent".
  • Participation in the World Diabetes Day by proposing in particular a prevention action in a private company.
  • Raising awareness of 51 isolated foreign minors through the organization of cooking & nutrition workshops, in partnership with the association Cuisine Sans Frontières.

Towards an overhaul of activities in France

Since 2018, a dynamic aiming to broaden our prevention actions has made it possible to reach
new audiences (unaccompanied foreign minors, young people in vocational high school, employees business ...).

Indeed, the health challenges facing the developing world are increasingly echoing those existing in the West (migration, health impact of social inequalities ...). Realities that make it essential today to develop new actions in France and to experiment with new synergies with our programs in Africa.


Pascale Trouve

Math teacher for allophone students in Grenoble (Lycées Mounier and Jean Jaurès)

"I noticed that the students in my classes (made up of unaccompanied foreign minors, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa) had little reference to food and ate the same thing all the time (starchy food, fast food, etc.).

So I asked Santé Diabète to set up a project to raise awareness on the importance of a balanced diet on health. This workshop allowed them in a very concrete way to make links between the eating habits of their country of origin and those discovered in France, but also to understand what diabetes was and how to prevent it. "