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Your support gives us the means to intervene, with our teams, to improve access to care for tens of thousands of people with diabetes in Africa and to develop a good system to prevent diabetes in those countries.


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Support our actions in the duration in the field by entrusting us with the same amount of money each month for a year. With your ongoing support, you are directly involved in the implementation of our actions in the field (access to medicines, training, prevention, education ...) and help thousands of people with diabetes to enjoy a care of quality for their diabetes.





The NGO is committed to financial transparency thanks to the annual audit of the accounts by an auditor approved by the European Commission.


Tax reduction to height of 66% of your donations


A donation of 100 € will cost you in reality only 33 €. Indeed, the French law allows to deduct from your income taxes, 66% of the amount of donations, in the limit of 20% of your net taxable income (if it exceeds 20%, a postponement is possible over the next five years).