International political engagements







Diet, nutrition and prevention of chronic disease, WHO








Preventing chronic diseases: a vital investment, WHO




Public Policy and the Challenge of Chronic Non communicable Diseases, The World Bank



Action Plan 2008-2013 for the global strategy against non-communicable diseases, WHO








IDF Africa Action Plan (Fr), IDF



Call to Action of Maurice on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and NCDs, WHO Afro


Global status report on non-communicable diseases 2010, WHO

Consultation for the region Africa (AFRO), Brazzaville: 4-6 April 2011

The resolution 64/265 of UN to organize a High Level Summit on Non-communicable diseases (NCD) in September 2011

Resolution on non-communicable diseases of the 64th General Assembly of the WHO

Summit on the NCDs at the General Assembly of the UN : 19th and 20th September 2011

Adoption by the WHO of the  setting of mondial observation on the NCDs

Adoption by the WHO of the global action plan 2013-2020 on the NCDs

Establishment of a working group inter-agencies of the UN







Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health, WHO


resolutions WHA55.23 and WHA57.17 of the OMS on the global strategy on diet, physical activity and health

Resolutions on health promotion WHA57.16 of OMS on the promotion of health




Diabetes Declaration and Strategy for Africa, IDF



Resolution 61/225 of December 20, 2006 on the fight against diabetes of the UN









Resolutions WHA53.17 and WHA61.14 of the OMS on the fight against Non-communicable diseases and the implementation of the global strategy against non-communicable diseases








Un appel à l'action dans la lutte contre le diabète, IDF



Africa Diabetes Care Initiative (ADCI), IDF



















Action Plans and international reports


Action Plans and specific consultations for Africa








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