Our mission


Resulting from a double emergency, the lack of access to care for diabetic people in Africa and the lack of consideration of this issue by the development actors, the NGO Santé diabète was founded to improve the prevention and management of diabetes in Africa.

While so far, the fight against diabetes was absent from the development policies and action plans of development actors, the founders created an organization specialized in the issues related to diabetes.

Its mission is to save lives through prevention and management of diabetes. During a chronic disease like diabetes, its role is also to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes by improving the quality of care provided to them.


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The NGO focuses its work on a comprehensive approach including all the axes necessary for the establishment of prevention and care of quality for diabetes.This innovative approach is realized in practice by the development of 6 components:


1. Investing in primary prevention to reduce the human and economic burden of the disease progression.

2. Investing in the decentralization of care to ensure geographic accessibility to a care of quality.

3. Investing in secondary and tertiary prevention "therapeutic education" to reduce the burden of complications due to diabetes.

4. Investing in the reduction of care costs for geographic accessibility to a care of quality.

5. Investing in an integrated approach including active involvement of patients and their families through their associations by promoting self-management mechanisms and advocacy allowing them to defend their rights.

6. Investing in research - action to develop innovative approaches



This approach is developed in the field with the institutional partners. This positioning into technical assistance to support prevention policies and treatment of diabetes implemented by the states ensures that the interventions done by the NGO can achieve long-term solutions. (See our expertises)

In parallel to these field operations, Santé diabète has international experts in various organs of the NGO (employees, board of directors and scientific board), in the field of diabetes but also wider of the health and development. This cluster of experts allows to support many governments in the development or implementation of their policy against non-communicable diseases or more specifically against diabetes. More broadly, they also enable the NGO to develop expertise for many other governments, international organizations, UN organizations around these issues.

The results in the field and the division of experts involved have progressively make of the NGO Santé Diabète Mali a structure of reference for many international organizations (International Diabetes Federation, World Health Organization...), learned societies (French Society of Diabetes ...), research centers (University of Montreal TRANSNUT ...) and universities (University of Grenoble, University of Montreal, UCL London ...).

Last update: 12/05/14